Americans’ trust in President Biden continues to slide, according to the latest Axios/Ipsos Coronavirus Index. The poll found that fewer than half of the respondents trust the president regarding accurate information about COVID-19, a 13-percentage decline since his inauguration in January.

Axios/Ipsos found trust in President Biden, the federal government and the mainstream media to deliver accurate information about the virus pandemic slumped in tandem with no end in sight.

Only 45% of respondents said they trust the president to provide accurate information about the virus, down from 58% in January. The result of this poll is exemplified in Biden’s outlandish comment on Monday about pre-pandemic life can only return if 97% of Americans are vaccinated.


Compared with rating earlier this year, Biden is losing trust among Democrats (an 11-percentage point decline to 81% trust a great deal or fair amount) and Republicans (a 10-point drop to 11%). He has experienced the most significant decline in confidence among independents (a 17-point decline to 42%).

Similarly, less than half of Americans (49%) trust the federal government to provide accurate COVID-19 information, down from 54% earlier this month. 

“Delta and other issues have undermined the public’s perception,” Cliff Young, president of Ipsos public affairs, told Axios. He said that no clear resolution to ending the pandemic is the main contributor to the decline in trust. 

What’s not helping with regaining trust is the administration’s sweeping new federal vaccine mandate for 100 million Americans (with no discussion of natural immunity), many of which are private-sector employees as well as health care workers and federal contractors. People across the country, if they’re in health care or law enforcement, among others, are walking off the job in droves because of the mandate.

The survey was taken with a little more than 1,100 adults between Sept. 24–27 and has a margin of error of 3.2 percentage points.

These findings are a big concern for the Democratic president and his party ahead of the 2022 midterms. It appears Biden’s honeymoon period is over, and the first real glimpse of this was in late July when a Gallup opinion poll found his approval ratings were slipping.

Compound the botched exit of Afghanistan, Mexico–US border crisis, and soaring food, gas, and rent prices, the president’s ratings continue to tumble.

Meanwhile, former President Trump received a healthy boost in support following the Republican National Convention last month.

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