A popular catch-phrase among pro-Trump patriots is: “Nothing can stop what is coming.”

This is based on the theory that there are things quietly going on behind the scenes, that President Trump still has a hand in what is happening today.

Perhaps he is laying a giant trap for Democrats and the deep state establishment. Or perhaps the military is in control under the theory of devolution.

Or perhaps, this is all delusional wishful thinking.

Devolution is an interesting concept of continuity of government plans. Its purpose is to maintain government leadership in the event that constitutional successors are incapable or incapacitated. A small and select group of military leaders would be in charge, running a shadow government behind the scenes in the event of some catastrophe.

This scenario would have kicked in if the military believed that the COVID pandemic and electoral fraud were acts of war against the U.S. by foreign and domestic actors. Some have written extensively about devolution, telling a compelling story, but that is all it is, a wishful thinking story in contradiction to what we are seeing around us. If it turns out to be true, this past year will have been the greatest show of all time. But I’m not holding my breath.

We have also seen predictions about President Trump being reinstated after the 2020 election was to be proven fraudulent. Trump was going to be reinstated as president on inauguration day, then in March, then in August, and probably many days in between.

The dream team of Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, and Lin Wood were going to produce proof of a stolen election with grand predictions and more bravado than evidence, going from Trump’s holy trinity to the three stooges when they produced little more than sound bites and hype.

Attorney Sidney Powell was going to “release the Kraken” on electoral fraud but instead is fighting her own lawsuits over her electoral fraud claims. Mike Lindell’s August symposium left many viewers confused, discussing obscure concepts like PCAPS, but no solid evidence of a stolen election. Lin Wood leveled bizarre accusations against former Vice President Mike Pence and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, with nothing to back up his assertions, casting doubt on him and others rallying to Trump’s defense post-election.

Arizona’s election audit is dragging on, and “any day now” sufficient evidence of fraud will supposedly be released to overturn that state’s election results, triggering similar results in other states. Yet after ten months there is no end in sight, just pleas to be patient and wait.

And what if evidence of fraud or outside interference is produced? Then what? The media will ignore it and anyone who dares to discuss it will be labeled a QAnon domestic terrorist and attacked with the ferocity of someone recommending ivermectin for COVID.

Will state legislatures decertify their electoral college votes? Will Congress decertify the presidential election? Will the Supreme Court get involved? No, no, and no, based on common sense and their past performance.

There is much wishful thinking in the belief that “nothing can stop what is coming.” Maybe nothing is coming.

Was the election on the up and up? Did COVID provide the ideal excuse to change election laws at the last minute, against Constitutional provisions and the law, to facilitate fraud? If Biden really won 12 million more votes than Obama in 2012, why are we hearing chants of “F*** you Biden” at college football games, from college students who “turned out in droves” for Biden?

There were too many coincidences in late night vote-counting, stopping and starting, to say the election was fair and proper, but so what? This probably wasn’t the first dodgy election in America and certainly won’t be the last.

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but until such evidence can be produced and acted upon, it’s all “hopium.”

There is no evidence of a Trump-led shadow government pulling the strings. Yet there are shadow websites like Real Raw News, telling us of arrests, tribunals, and executions of prominent people like James Comey, Tom Hanks, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton, people who appear in public days after their supposed execution.

At the same time, the Durham investigation plods along, with hopes of a reckoning for Spygate conspirators. Five years have gone by with zero real punishment for anyone involved in weaponizing America’s intelligence, law enforcement, and justice agencies against a presidential candidate and subsequent administration.

Trump likes to say, “I caught them all” which provides hope, but who exactly has been caught and what is their reckoning? So far that’s been a big zero. Without signs to back up the words, it’s all just hopeful talk.

Durham is becoming a mythical figure like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Yet Trump still asks, “Where’s Durham?”

The Biden crime family faced no scrutiny and their grift continues to this day with Hunter’s ongoing Chinese investments, willful ignorance of his laptop contents, and his art project selling maybe million-dollar paintings in exchange for political access.

If everything is a giant trap to be sprung on Democrats and the deep state, what are they waiting for? Biden is digging America into a hole that will be difficult or impossible for us to climb out of, especially as time goes on.

How many new immigrants, mostly unvetted and illegal, are pouring into the country while Americans remain stranded and ignored in Afghanistan? Inflation is on the rise while America’s standing in the world in on the decline. Democrats want to spend the country into bankruptcy. COVID has divided America and is leading to a new type of apartheid and civil war.

Trump laid it out before the 2016 election in a powerful but little known speech where he said:

Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American People. There is nothing the political establishment will not do, and no lie they will not tell, to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense.

Yet here we are. Trump certainly tried, but it seems the “failed and corrupt political establishment” won, holding on to their “prestige and power”. It’s not for lack of trying but even the likes of Donald Trump as president was not enough to slay the deep state dragon as he was largely alone in his efforts in Washington D.C.

Maybe something is coming, maybe not. As America descends into Cloward-Piven chaos and a Marxist future, what will stop the disasters that keep coming and coming? It sure seems nothing can stop what is coming, but not in the way many of us hoped for.


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